Gig Workers Collective

Gig Workers Collective, a non-profit group, led by veteran organizer Vanessa Bain, will bring the time, resources, and focus to the fight for fair pay and better treatment for all gig economy workers, from Instacart Shoppers to Lyft Drivers.

This organization will be a diverse group of gig workers who bring a variety of perspectives to the conversation about how these companies have continually broken trust with the contract workers who form the backbone of their business model. Members of the group have a track record of activism within the gig space, organizing campaigns that have held gig platforms accountable for exploitation of their contracted labor force.

Gig Workers Collective will act as “first responders” to take the lead in organizing immediate action to new grievances, while also providing consistent organizing support and guidance to workers across all platforms, and identify new ways to support fellow workers in their own organizing efforts.