Gig Workers Connection Map

Between the lack of financial security (no sick leave), the number of workers living week to week, and the inability for some workers to take time off due to low income, gig workers are some of the most vulnerable dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak. Because no one has stepped in to help yet, we must help each other. We've created a mutual aid connection feature that'll allow volunteers to connect with gig workers who need assistance. We'll let gig workers decide how to find this tool beneficial. Some possibilities are:

1. Resource connection - Workers need assistance applying for benefits like unemployment, food stamps, hardship programs for medical bills and student loans. etc.

2. Virtual buddies - Just someone who can do check-ins and/or offer emotional support for each other. This is an opportunity for gig workers to get introduced to new gig workers in similar circumstances.

3. Running errands - If workers are too sick to go out or they need to stay inside due to an autoimmune condition, they may need help picking up essentials like prescriptions and household essentials.

The map below shows gig workers looking to connect with others in their area, either for assistance or to assist. You can add yourself to the map by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. (The map does not update immediately.)

Please note: Information you provide on the form will be publicly visible on the map. To protect your information security, a link to your social media is preferable to an email address. If you'd like your information removed at a later time, please email