Since 2016, the founders of Gig Workers’ Collective have been organizing Instacart Shoppers. Some of our accomplishments include the reinstatement of tips into Instacart’s app and major pay restructuring including the discontinuation of Instacart using tips to subsidize and offset its contributions to pay. We also documented and exposed Instacart’s misappropriation of tips, and were able to force Instacart to repay withheld tips. Instacart’s CEO, Apoorva Mehta was forced to publicly apologize to customers and workers for their illegal conduct. Additionally, in 2018, Instacart launched a massive pay cut. We led a 3-month soft strike and Instacart ultimately agreed to raise their minimum pay to more than three times the original amount.

Since launching in February, Gig Workers’ Collective have organized two back-to-back emergency walk-outs for gig workers over Covid-19 related health and safety concerns. As a result of these walk-outs, shoppers have begun to supply workers with PPE, and Instacart extended eligibility for COVID-19 sick pay through the duration of the pandemic. As a result of the Instacart emergency walkout, Senator Elizabeth Warren penned a letter to gig company executives at Uber, Instacart, DoorDash, and Grubhub calling upon CEOs to properly classify their workforce, citing Gig Workers’ Collective’s list of demands.

Donating to Gig Workers’ Collective will help fund our direct action protests and help ensure we can continue our fight for fair pay and treatment of gig workers.